Consulting on effectiveness, processes and projects for Human Resources departments.


    Ensuring efficient transitions within a business environment.


    Developing strategies for quality and cost for international talent transfers.


    Analyzing business elements and human capital for organizational acquisitions.


    Strategies for integration and transition related to significant business transactions.


    Custom consulting and analysis for large business initiatives.

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PSA Consultants is a management consulting firm dedicated to adding measurable value to client organizations.

We help clients build strategic vision; redesign and transform work processes and build high-performance boards, management and teams. We develop true business partnerships as trusted advisors, adding value through objective analysis, actionable alternatives, project management and coaching.

The quality of our work, responsiveness to business needs and our ability to produce tangible results has added genuine value to our clients.

PSA Consultants takes pride in its ability to develop strong relationships, bringing an array of talents and services to each consulting assignment. PSA Consultants are motivated professionals that bring both strategic and tactical management expertise, helping clients build capabilities for sustained excellence.

Our capable colleagues serve a diverse range of industries and face your organizational issues with an understanding of your business difficulties and challenges.

faye patterson

Faye Patterson
Founder and Managing Partner

faye patterson

Faye Patterson, Managing Partner of PSA Consultants, brings to her interactions with C-suite leaders and businesses more than two decades of senior level executive leadership in the financial, health and retail industries. Faye offers clients a unique dual perspective: She is a well-credentialed management consultant with deep knowledge of leadership training tools as well as a former senior executive whose time "at the corporate table" affords her a special understanding of the performance pressures and extensive demands her clients face.

Faye's work with CEOs and business teams goes beyond standard leadership advising. Using widely respected tools that analyze behavior combined with her keen sense of how to best use the results uncovered by these tools she provides clients with insights that change the way they approach their work, businesses and lives.

Faye's clients say:

  • When advising CEOs and other senior business leaders, Faye goes beyond merely looking at data. For each client, she connects data with individual behavior, then guides the business leader on how to recognize and change behaviors, whether in the workplace or elsewhere, that prevents the client from reaching business objectives.
  • Faye has two natural abilities that are key to her success in advising and guiding. First, she is an astute listener. She hears not just surface language, but also the meaning behind what a client says. Second, she is innately intuitive, a trait that enables her to naturally understand her clients and their business challenges.
  • Faye uses a building block approach in her work with leaders. The "blocks" are a series of questions about her clients' business goals, their role guiding teams to achieve those goals and how their own behavior patterns are hurdles to reaching their goals.
  • It's refreshing to see behavior not as "good" or "bad," but just as "what is." Clients stop judging themselves. Instead, they recognize behaviors that are not productive to their end goals and they adapt.
  • Faye provides a different language for how a leader acts and responds under pressure customized to each individual client. She also helps clients acknowledge their actions without either external or self-judgement. Finally, Faye guides clients on how to change circumstances so people CEOs and whole teams can work from a position of strength, not stress.
  • This work is challenging for those of us who live in the C-suite world. Through her years as a "real world" senior executive, Faye understands the CEO perspective. She is also refreshingly direct, giving clients not only a read on their workstyles but also practical structures and solutions that transform individuals and whole businesses.

Relevant Background and Education

Before founding PSA Consultants, Faye held senior level executive positions at major international and national corporations, including:

  • American Express Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Quality
  • Nova Care, Inc. Vice President
  • Allied Stores Corporation Director, Executive Placement

This extensive "around the table" experience developed Faye's insights about the operations and human resources needs of global organizations, as well as the demands placed on CEOs and other executives leading these businesses.

Faye is a former Adjunct Professor for International Business at Pennsylvania State University's Delaware Campus.

She holds dual B.A. degrees in Education and Psychology from Edinboro State University and a Master's of Behavioral Science from California State University.

faye patterson

John Patterson
Partner and Founder

john patterson

John Patterson has been instrumental in assisting and directing Clients in Project Management. John is recognized for bringing winning teams over the finish line as a consultant and in-house resource with structural problem solving, establishing Project Management Offices, and creative problem solving. His success list starts 30 years ago and continues today. The legacy of his guiding organizations successfully through complex bureaucratic landscapes and engineering quagmires is witnessed by his Client's repeat requests for his services.

Patterson has combined with his consulting career, held the positions of the president of a major nuclear engineering firm, CEO of a utility, General Manager of the 17th largest IT firm in the US as well as other key managerial and executive positions. He has consulted with over 300 different companies, both international and domestic. He has been awarded recognition from the Institute of Nuclear Power Operators, INPO, Association for Quality and Participation and his programs have met the stringent requirement of several CFR directed initiatives, was the first Carnegie Mellon University CMM level 2 award for an entire business process and recognized frequently by the Southern California Edison's Management Achievement Award recognition; more than any other individual in the program. He holds a Mathematics degree from Kent State University and has association with Project Management Institute, Vibration Institute, Association for Quality and Participation, Pacific Energy Association, American Nuclear Society and Institute of Nuclear Power Operators.

Darrel Lim, VCard

Darrell Lim, MA.
Strategic Partner

Darrell Lim

Darrell is an experienced coach and facilitator that has more than twelve years of leadership experience in various sectors. He has substantial change management experience within various prominent business organization and has skillfully led sales teams into elite performance levels. He has served clients in a variety of industries including not for profit agencies, manufacturing and software development. Darrell has a natural instinct when it comes to listening into the real issues that prevent leaders and their organizations from moving forward and growing. He specializes in creating training initiatives that are fun, engaging, highly resonant and results oriented.

Darrell has obtained a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership and an undergraduate degree in Economic and Social Geography. He is a published author on the topic of leadership development and also writes for well known business blogs. He has received coach training at the respected Coaches Training Institute in San Raphael, CA. (accredited by the International Coaches Federation). Darrell is a certified consultant for Franklin-Covey and is a qualified practitioner of the renown Birkman Advanced Behavioural Assessment. Additionally, he also holds professional memberships within the Project Management Institute, Human Resources Management Association and the International Society for Performance Improvement.

Gerard Carton, Ph. D.
Global Strategic Partner

Gerard Carton is an internationally recognized expert in change management. His consulting group provides services to major companies around the world. Gerard started his career with a major French bank in Paris in the Human Resources field, before joining American Express. He successfully held several management and executive position in France, the USA, UK and Canada. He started his consulting business in 1989 providing strategic and operational advice the field of Human Resources, Quality and Change engineering. Gerard holds a PhD in clinical psychology and a master in political science and philosophy.

Roger Brunswick, MD
Strategic Partner

Roger Brunswick is an internationally recognized executive coach and consultant, specializing in medical organizations, consumer goods companies and financial service and accounting firms. Brunswick applies his detailed knowledge of international business transfers for executive coaching, conflict resolutions, merger integration, group facilitation and leadership development.

Brunswick is a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and speaks widely through the media on the subject of leadership development and senior team dynamics. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Connecticut and his medical degree from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, where he currently returns to teach as a clinical instructor.

Gary Hayes, Ph. D.
Strategic Partner

john patterson

Gary Hayes applies his 15 years of senior-level coaching and organizational consulting experience for business clients in a wide variety of industries including retail, financial services, legal, account, educational and health care industries. Hayes approaches international organizational challenges with an integrated systems perspective, using his extensive knowledge of assessment, competency modeling, succession planning and executive coaching.

A licensed, practicing psychologist and psychoanalyst, Hayes received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Columbia University as well as degrees in international affairs, psychological counseling, and counseling psychology from Columbia and a B.S. in foreign service from Georgetown University. He has served on the faculties of Columbia University, Yeshiva University, and the National Institute for Psychotherapies, the Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, and Ecole Francaises Des Attache Des Press.

Andrea Hornet, Ph. D.

Andrea Hornet is specially trained in organizational consulting, primarily within the pharmaceutical and retail industries. She has recently worked on projects that included a reorganization of global regulatory operations for an international pharmaceutical corporation as well as developing leadership strategies and business grown models for an international retail corporation. Hornet has also worked with a wide range of global clients in a variety of industries.

Hornet holds degrees in Economics, Political Science, Dynamics of Organizations and Human and Organizational Cognition from Mount Holyoke College, University of Pennsylvania and George Washington University. She is a Senior Lecturer in the subjects of Strategic Management, New Venture Development and Organizational Theory at Penn State, Graduate Division.

Hank Fieger

Hank specializes in Interpersonal Communications Skills. His background in training and coaching began in 1976 when he worked with Timothy Gallwey, author of the "The Inner Game of Tennis," helping him develop a staff of trainers. Hank has developed comprehensive and specialized skills in Executive Presentation Skills and Communication Skills, using a model of open and honest communication.

Hank works and lives internationally and has clients in the U.K., Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Latin America. He holds a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration from Moravian College and has worked on his M.A. in Psychology from Antioch University, in Los Angeles.

Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee focuses directly on executive coaching, performance management, sexual harassment training, change management and talent management in his career as a business consultant. Lee has spent twenty years in senior executive level human resources positions in several diverse corporate positions.
Lee is an active member of the American Society for Training and Development, Society of Human Resources Management and National Association of African Americans in Human Resources. He holds a degree from Earlham College.

Marjorie Smith

Marjorie Smith has an extensive 10-year history of business consulting success focused on change management, leadership development and executive coaching. Prior to her consulting career, Smith served as Vice President, Leadership and Change Management during a 15-year international tenure at American Express.

Smith holds certifications as a Change Management Consultant (ODR III) and as a Leadership Feedback Consultant (Leadership Research). She earned a Masters of Business Administration from New York University and an undergraduate degree from Emmanuel College Boston.