Consulting on effectiveness, processes and projects for Human Resources departments.


    Ensuring efficient transitions within a business environment.


    Developing strategies for quality and cost for international talent transfers.


    Analyzing business elements and human capital for organizational acquisitions.


    Strategies for integration and transition related to significant business transactions.


    Custom consulting and analysis for large business initiatives.

Management, Analysis and Leadership Tools

At PSA Consultants we approach business problems with an analytical focus. Our expertise in the business environment has helped up to develop an integrated strategy for consulting clients. The following business tools aid clients reach their goals, understanding their strengths and challenges and help leadership with organizational development strategies.

Customized 360 Feedback

Our 360 degree feedback programs allow for a full spectrum of assessment of leadership effectiveness and performance. PSA Consultants is able to review board governance and senior executive participation through the use of custom developed feedback instruments. 360 feedback results in an deep understanding of your organization’s competencies and management practices. 360 results can be applied to building stronger teams, personal development and build change strategies for behavior.

The Birkman Method®

Certified consultants are available for Birkman Method® individual and team assessments. The Birkman Method provides a multi-dimensional personality profile based on motivational, behavioral and organizational perspectives. This empirically driven assessment tool has valuable applications for conflict resolution, leadership development, executive coaching and human resource projects.

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict™ Mode Instrument

Understanding conflict management styles is often the key to resolving interpersonal issues or improving leadership skills. PSA Consultants are certified to administer TKI conflict inventories based on five styles: forcing, avoiding, accommodating, collaborating and compromising. This program is an excellent tool for conflict resolution, leadership training and enhancing team dynamics.


The Birkman Method is a leading motivational assessment system for strategic organizational learning. It gives individuals, teams and organizations insight into behavioral cause and effect within corporate structures and one-on-one relationships, colleagues and customers. The Birkman provides both invaluable knowledge and a realistic means to manage positive, productive change. It is based on validated research; this one-of-a-kind system is the result of extensive work and experience with 1.5 million people in over 5,000 companies worldwide.


A straightforward 360 degree assessment tool for evaluating managerial competencies based on 15 key skills. With a focus on communication, decision making and time management capabilities, Skillscope provides illustrated result displays that assist with delivering feedback for long-term professional growth plans. PSA Consultants apply Skillscope for individual coaching and group development programs.

Executive Dimension®

This unique professional assessment program is tailored to address specific concerns senior level management faces in a business environment. Using the features of 360 feedback, this system from the Center for Creative Leadership uses exclusive normative data and executive research for custom analysis based on peer, board member and team reviews. Executive Dimension assessment has applications for leadership, business strategy, executive coaching and conflict management campaigns.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Applying the psychological types outlined by Jung produces real life perception and judgment applications. The MBTI personality assessment evaluates behavior based on preferences for communication, information, decisions and structures. The personality types that emerge from this analysis program have dynamic applications for interpersonal communication, team effectiveness and leadership programs.