Consulting on effectiveness, processes and projects for Human Resources departments.


    Ensuring efficient transitions within a business environment.


    Developing strategies for quality and cost for international talent transfers.


    Analyzing business elements and human capital for organizational acquisitions.


    Strategies for integration and transition related to significant business transactions.


    Custom consulting and analysis for large business initiatives.

Our Work

C Suite Executive Coaching

An international bank needed senior level resources to work with executives. PSA provided coaching resources that align personal objectives with those of the organization to lead the business effectively and acted as their trusted advisors.

Senior Leadership Retreat

The CEO and senior leadership team wanted a partner to assist in their annual development meeting, as an advisor, designer and facilitator. PSA has acted for the last 6 years as the resource team to design effective meeting content that aligned business direction and included leadership development through “action learning” experiences and relevant issues.

Board Assessment

A not-for-profit membership organization knew that leadership accountability for the board was key to leveraging the organization results. PSA designed and implemented a 180 automated peer assessment by developing, with the board, a tool that reviewed the board and provided quantitative feedback that assisted in understanding how the board could be more effective.

Business Change

A law firm was moving to a new organizational model, requiring partners, associates and staff have effective team communication strategies. The Birkman Method®, an assessment system for organizational change was used. It included profiles of productivity, accountability and responsibility to improve the changing roles and responsibilities; while aligning individuals and the group to the new work processes.

High Potential

A marketing organization needed a high potential program that included leadership style understanding and a 360 information feedback loop. PSA provided a custom design which integrated both components and resulted in the development plan for each participant and became an annual develop process for people planning.


A medical supply company wanted to untangle the confusion that resulted when it integrated 30 companies – each with its own employee benefits plan -- into the family. PSA’s success at consolidating benefits across the organization produced significant savings.

Merger Integration

A major financial institution bought an existing bank so that could reduce its cost of funds, then found that an audit revealed people-related compliance problems. PSA provided expertise to eliminate non-compliance and integrate all people programs.


An investment bank wants to spin off a small portion of its company and needed to establish their own Human resources capability; PSA acted as the advisor and efficiently implemented the function through an outsourced partner.

Global HR Strategic Planning

A retail office supply organization needed assistance in building a global people plan to support the future of the business due to two different business models of product delivery to customer. PSA designed and facilitated the key leaders of the organization in building the plan.