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Nearly two decades of first-hand experience, our expert business advice allows clients to solve problems, structure solutions, and achieve results.

For CEOs

Board and CEO advisory, project management and succession management.

For Executive Teams

Executive coaching, leadership retreats and talent strategies.

For Companies

Non-Profits, Energy, Family Business to Entertainment.

Solutions to Enable Change


Senior executive coaching is a business priority – and a necessity. The role of a business leader is extraordinarily complex– and only those who lead businesses fully understand this complexity.


We help clients define Succession Management parameters and identify business needs by gathering information from internal leadership, market analysis and other sources. Our work incorporates discussions with current leadership, including boards, to identify CEO candidate core competencies, followed by development of our findings.


Leadership retreats move companies toward managing their business issues, both externally and internally, and create a consistent leadership culture. Successful retreats identify current challenges and target ways to achieve business goals in consideration of those challenges.


Talent management and development is a top priority for all organizations. Today’s perpetually changing environment is a challenge for senior leaders, who must expand their market reach, be global, understand core competencies while addressing internal and external issues affecting business performance and profits.

Case Studies: A Look Inside


Chairman Emeritus: William P. Rice, Sr.

Anchor Capital Advisors LLC

Like many entrepreneur founders I struggled with the necessity of planning and executing a workable and successful succession plan. At the urging of my Board, we engaged Faye Patterson to work with me to achieve this. Over a year and a half she counseled and advised me through this challenging process which has resulted in a totally successful transition of leadership.

Prior Senior Executive: Andrea Forster

Pepsi and MasterCard

PSA consultants, and particularly, Faye Patterson, has been critical to my personal career development. Her years of experience in the Human Resources field and specifically, as an executive coach enable her to understand executive career situations from many angles…