Executive Coaching


Senior executive coaching is a business priority – and a necessity.

The role of a business leader is extraordinarily complex– and only those who lead businesses fully understand this complexity.

Keys to Effective Leadership

Leaders in organizations are the primary strategy-drivers in their organizations. They must inspire, influence and ensure creation of a collaborative culture, all of which are key to attaining organizational goals. Ultimately, leaders are responsible for performance, relationship alignment and setting standards for effective internal and external communication. Successful leaders have sophisticated communication skills. They also know the behavior, strengths and challenges of their team. Finally, the best leaders have a deep understanding of their own behavior and its impact on colleagues and the bottom line of their businesses.

The PSA Method

PSA’s Senior Executive Coaching applies a time-tested, unique process that enables leaders to define and prioritize business goals; assess their teams’ strengths and opportunities affecting these goals; define, structure and implement plans for achieving shifts – individual and as collaborative teams – required for goal attainment. We advise clients on individual and organizational approaches needed to achieve organizational objectives – and success as defined by each client.

Participants complete various leadership tools, including 360 degree feedback, followed by one-on-one confidential coaching conversations. These assessment tool results – and behavioral data patterns revealed – build a quantitative framework for the rest of the coaching conversations. These discussions give clients an opportunity to share their background: immediate goals; past wins and challenges; leadership approaches; and visions for future success. All discussions are private internal conversations guided by PSA’s Faye Patterson. She provides individualized feedback and an objective view that helps clients understand their workplace behaviors. Faye translates assessment tool results and client-provided information into practical, intentional ways clients can build on existing communication strengths while shifting behaviors that lead to challenges.

We customize program to clients' role and company culture.

360 Feedback

The use of 360 feedback methodology in PSA’s senior coaching process establishes trust and understanding among leadership teams. Individually, leaders are better able to appreciate other points of view about the causes and effects of their approaches. Each executive member; board members and other internal and external individuals may be included in the process, according to clients’ circumstances. We customize programs to each clients’ role and company culture. Our coaching services enable leaders, through a non-judgmental understanding of their behaviors, to establish a foundation for collaboration with colleagues across their organizations. In turn, the resulting collegial company culture ultimately affects customer service and client experience.

PSA has an established and successful history of teaching senior executives how to communicate in ways consistent with company culture; understand how their behaviors as individuals and teams impact internal communication and establish mutually respectful rapport across their organizations – all in service of improving service to customers and performance of their businesses.