Faye Patterson

Managing Partner

Faye Patterson, Managing Partner of PSA Consultants, brings to her interactions with leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses more than two decades of senior level executive leadership in the financial, health, and retail industries.

Faye offers clients a unique dual perspective: She is a well-credentialed management consultant with deep knowledge of leadership as well as a former senior executive whose time “at the corporate table” affords her a special understanding of the performance pressures and extensive demands her clients face.

Faye’s work with sports and entertainment teams, investment firms, and businesses go beyond standard leadership advising. Using widely respected tools that analyze behavior – combined with her keen sense of how to best use the results uncovered by these tools – she provides clients with insights that change the way they approach their work, businesses and lives.

Faye’s clients say:

  • When advising teams and other senior business leaders, Faye goes beyond merely looking at data. For each client, she connects data with individual behavior, then guides the business leader on how to recognize, be strategic, and change, whether in the workplace or elsewhere, that prevents the client from reaching business objectives.
  • Faye has two natural abilities that are key to her success in advising and guiding. First, she is an astute listener. She hears not just surface language, but also the meaning behind what a client says. Second, she is innately intuitive, a trait that enables her to naturally understand her clients and their business challenges.
  • Faye uses a building block approach in her work with leaders. The “blocks” are a series of questions about her clients’ business goals, their role guiding teams to achieve those goals, and how their own behavior patterns are hurdles to reaching their goals.
  • It’s refreshing to see behavior not as “good” or “bad,” but just as “what is.” Clients stop judging themselves. Instead, they recognize “how” they are not productive to their end goals – and they adapt.
  • Faye provides a different language for how a leader acts and responds under pressure – customized to each individual client. She also helps clients acknowledge their actions without either external or self-judgement. Finally, Faye guides clients on how to change circumstances so people – and the entire team – can work from a position of strength, not stress.

Relevant Background and Education

Before founding PSA Consultants, Faye held senior level executive positions at major international and national corporations, including:

  • American Express - President, Human Resources and Quality
  • Nova Care, Inc. - Vice President
  • Allied Stores Corporation - Director, Executive Placement

This extensive “around the table” experience developed Faye’s insights about the operations needs of global organizations, as well as the demands placed on teams and other executives leading these businesses.

Faye is a former Adjunct Professor for International Business at Pennsylvania State University’s Delaware Campus.

She holds dual B.A. degrees in Education and Psychology from Edinboro State University and a Master’s of Behavioral Science from California State University.