Vivian Wong

Director of Operations

Vivian Wong, Director of Operations at PSA, has more than two decades of financial industry experience in both human resources and administration. Using her expertise in organization and operations management, she supports the spectrum of PSA’s internal programming, with a particular focus on coaching and retreat preparation that is vital to our service delivery.

In addition to assisting with program preparation, Vivian also works directly, as needed, with PSA clients, providing program preparation support and a variety of other services based on client needs. She often collaborates with senior executives and other talent in the various businesses with which PSA collaborates. Vivian is sensitive to cross- cultural issues and the central role played by clear communication. Such knowledge enables her to move projects forward and, in tandem with PSA’s consultants, help clients reach business objectives.

Vivian’s ability to understand, assess and solve problems with on-target solutions is invaluable to PSA’s work – and to our clients.